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A guest post…. Introducing – “Rhyming with Beer!”

Our Tiny Tots’ Grandad deserves a “shout out!”

Since I started this blog he’s been brilliant throughout.

When Rhyming with Wine launched a few months ago,

He also suggested he might like a go…

So please raise your glasses and let’s have a toast.

To his very first rhyme and his debut guest post.

Ladies and Gentlemen please give a cheer!

I give you the fabulous Rhyming with Beer…..


After much delay, it’s finally here

The first guest blog from Rhymingwithbeer.


“What’s all this?’ you might be musing –

Wine? Beer? It’s very confusing…..


So let me start with a quick explanation

Let’s just say I’m another generation.


Three years ago the news was imparted

“Tinks” had arrived, a new life had started….


…not just for her, but also for me –

a Grandad was I, and not 53!!


Fast forward 3 years, to the end of July

when Tinks came to visit (I just forget why).


Rhymingwithwine looked like she could do

with an hour or so without you-know-who.


So that mummy and nana could have a good talk

I got Tinks’ attention and we went for a walk.


“Let’s go to the garden, but don’t you stray far…

…the pond needs weeding, come help grandpa.


I know you like water, but please beware –

don’t you fall in, I’m not going in there!


Go fetch the net, we’ll scoop the weeds out

but do mind the fish, don’t give them a clout.”


All seemed well up to now, methinks

But then the fun started, enter young Tinks…..


We scraped out the weeds, right into the net,

and then to the bin – “Now don’t forget


Upside down, and shake it about.”

She did really well and got them all out.


To the pond again to drag out more green

and back to the bin, the net to clean.


But this time the motions were not as before.

The net was still full, but fell to the floor.


I looked at young Tinks, she’d done as been told

But what had gone wrong? My tale will unfold….


The net’s upside down, she’s got that bit right;

then shake it about – ah, its coming to light!


There she was, I couldn’t stop smirking –

not even 3 and already twerking!


Rhyming with Beer



Thank you Rhyming with Beer!

Time to set up a blog page I think….. :0)

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27 thoughts on “A guest post…. Introducing – “Rhyming with Beer!”

  1. I love this!! Well done Tots’ / Tink’s Grandad!! I keep telling Baby Lighty’s Grandad that he should set up a blog as he sends us a poem from wherever in the world they are on their travels – this might just encourage him! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yey! Thank you. He will be thrilled, and couldn’t agree more – he is brilliant.

      Miss Tot also did a post a couple of months ago…. She is “Rhyming with Wine gums!” Mstr Tot has yet to make his debut. (Rhyming with jelly tots?) :0) x


  2. Oh this made me chuckle. You definately have a talented family. Please tell grandad he is rather fab and I hope he pops up on your blog again soon.
    Thanks to both of you for sharing, Tracey xx #abitofeverything

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is amazing. What a talented family! Not long till the littlest generation starts speaking in rhyme too. Tell Rhyming With Beer that he has a fan in Australia, and so therefore is an international smash hit. #abitofeverything

    Liked by 1 person

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