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Popping in to work for a rest…

For most of the week I’m a stay at home mum.
Which “apparently” means I just sit on my bum??

But frankly my days are chaotic at best.
I honestly pop in to work for a rest.

Now just for the record, before I say more,
I know 14 hours is hardly a chore.

My two day week contract is cushy I know.
I really can’t grumble at having to go.

In fact when the time comes I’m secretly thrilled,
I love both my tots but they’re somewhat strong willed!

The idea of just a few hours away
is welcome relief when it comes to the day.

And so the time comes, the alarm makes it’s call.
Which makes quite a change from my tots’ usual bawl.

The in laws take charge. (Yes we really are blessed!)
I have a whole hour to get myself dressed….

Today my “mum jeggings” are slung to one side.
On this day I shall wear my work dress with pride!

And there shall be make up and even high heels!
A handbag so tiny it doesn’t need wheels??

I give bye bye kisses (with tots at arm’s length).
Avoiding their snot with the best of my strength.

Ensconced with their Grandfolk my offspring ignore
my stealth like escape as I sneak through the door…

“Freeeedom!!!” I shout as I high five the air.
I jump in the car and I’m on my way there.

I’m out for 10 hours and most of that time,
Is work and dull stuff which would make a “blah” rhyme.

But I’ll tell you the bits that are good for a smile,
If you’re happy to read on for just a short while….

Number one – I can drink coffee.

Number two – I drink it hot.

For three – I wear a dress with barely any trace of snot.

Four – is conversation.  With an adult. Who can talk.

Five – would be my lunch hour – just nipping for a walk.

Ooh number six is shopping. In a shop all by myself!
With sixty whole free minutes to explore each lovely shelf.

In fact “just popping” anywhere is my idea of heaven!?
And therefore “nipping out” would have to be my number seven.

It seems that lunch time’s key for me as for my number eight,
I’d have to say it’s sandwiches, all mine! And on a plate!
(Not soggy half chewed left-overs from plastic plates of pink,
or half a slice of toast consumed whilst standing by the sink).

So popping in to work is now considered my “Me time.”
Those hours to be “Dawn” are what I’d put for number nine.

But as home time approaches I can’t wait for it to come,
As though I love my work day, at the end I’m still a mum.

And so, I know it’s soppy but my favourite, number 10.*
Is heading off back home to see my babies once again…. x

* Just kidding.  Number 10 is actually having a wee with nobody watching! :0)


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111 thoughts on “Popping in to work for a rest…

    1. In my (limited) experience with my two returns, the thought of it is about 20 x worse than the reality. You’ll probably want to throw up on the first day, but by home time you’ll feel like you were never gone. And you’ll get to drink coffee. Hot! Thanks so much for popping by lovely xx

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  1. Once again a brilliant poem. It’s funny how some time away can make us want to be home again! Tell you what though, it is great to have time away isn’t it? xx

    Oh I just wanted to mention you might like a linky called “What I’m Writing” hosted by Maddy over at Writing Bubble (, it goes live every Tuesday. Everyone who links up are writers, either writing books, poems, or blogs. They’d love to have you link up I’m sure. xx

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  2. Great rhyme, as always. I’m at home and not excited about the idea of going back to work, but I do like the sound of wearing some non-stretchy clothes and carrying a proper handbag again sometime in the future. You may have inspired me to look on the bright side!

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    1. Thank you. I’m sure you’ll get at least a bit of enjoyment out of it when you do go back. The thought of it isn’t thrilling when you’re in your lovely mummy cocoon, but it definitely has it’s perks! X


  3. Awesome! Love this – you have talent! And I can totally empathise all the way. I’ll be putting this in the BritMums roundup for sure. Thanks for sharing it with me. xx

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  4. Hee-hee! Fantastic! When I worked full time before I had a child I used to really envy the mum’s who worked part time and wonder how on earth they looked forward to coming in work for a rest. Surely after their 2 day stint they were colouring in and watching Disney films for the rest of the week?
    Oh how wrong I was! I know exactly how they felt now!

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      1. I’m sure you haven’t hon. You must have some lovely memories going from your blog? Anyway, back to work isn’t the end of maternity leave, it’s the start of your new everyday life as a family. It’ll soon be second nature xx

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      1. I found that when I was doing the figures for whether to stay full time or try going self employed while I was pregnant that with child care costs, after tax, NI I would be earning £2.10 an hour, and I think I factored in grandparents doing the occassional babysitting.Which made my mind up for doing evening work. So good for you for finding something that works for you and for getting the break

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      2. It’s so difficult trying to find something that’s feasible once you’ve factored in child care isn’t it? We’re blessed with our in laws as they step in one day a week and I work every Sat where my hubby is off so for us it fits perfectly for us. I can see how it just isn’t practical for some people to work at all though which is a shame if they want to.

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  5. I know exactly what you mean! I’m a teacher and it’s easier to go and look after thirty children who belong to someone else than look after my two some days! I only work two days as well so I know I have the best of both worlds really – I don’t love it enough to go full time! We are also blessed with helpful grandparents – don’t know what we’d do without them! #justanotherlinky

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    1. I know what you mean. We would be lost without the in laws! We’re lucky that I can work Saturdays as one of my days which allows hubby to have a daddy day. I think two days is just perfect if we can get away with it haha. Thanks for your comment hon x


  6. This is sheer brilliance as usual!! I was teaching two mornings a week when my second baby was just 3 weeks old (number 1 wasn’t yet 2 years old). People kept commenting that I must be crazy and wasn’t I tired with a newborn and a toddler blah blah and I would reply “Yes! That’s exactly why I’m going in to work. For a nice little rest!” It was only a uni seminar that went for 2 hours at a time, but twice weekly mini-breaks helped my sanity immeasurably! I’m also extremely lucky on the care front because I would have been too worried about leaving my newborn with anyone but her dad and he was able to get leave to take care of them. It was going to be great bonding time for him, but as it turned out the little one slept the entire time every time. So much for separation anxiety! 🙂

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    1. Haha, ooh the little traitor. We like at least a few tears at least just to know that we’re special. I admire you for managing to work so soon though. I can totally see how it must have been a refreshing break for you, but I was like a zombie for the first couple of months! Thanks very much hon! Always nice to have you pop round :0) x

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  7. You’re hilarious! My husband doesn’t understand when I say, “at least you get to go to work.” 😉 I snuck out to the grocery store the other day for just 2 things…I ended up strolling around for an hour, pulling up new recipes on my phone and finding the ingredients for them. It was the best vacation I had in a long time!! #fartglitter

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  8. Totally LOL’d at the end! I thought you’d let yourself down for a minute! I am in total envy of you going out to work… At this moment, after spending days on end fighting my 2 feral, screaming, tantrumming, ungrateful little children (shits) I need some time on my own! I really should get my liver function checked, the wine consumption is through the roof…!
    Need I add that I loved your work?!

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    1. Well I LOL’d right back at your comments. No need for liver check. Wine is just grape juice. You need 5 a day minimum just to be healthy. I will do my best to sneak you into work with me. Just for the lunch break bit though obvs. Thanks very much for popping by and making a rhyming wino giggle! x


  9. This is just brilliant! I am actually looking forward to some part-time work in the new year just to have a bit of a ‘break’ hehe! You are so creative – your poetry is inspired and always succeeds in making me smile #bestandworst xx

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    1. I cab imagine the sense of relief sometimes when you get to shut your office door and slump into a chair with a hot drink haha. Thank you hun. Pleased you liked it and know that feeling! 🙂 Dawn x


    1. Yey to being a grown up! (Just for three days though – that’s just enough 😉 ) Good luck for when you go back, and enjoy the actual steam coming off your red hot drink…. Thanks for popping by x


  10. Love this Dawn, its awesome! If I was clever enough to come up with a decent rhyme, im sure I’d have very similar things in mine ;-). It sounds like you have the perfect arrangement, what I’d give to work two or three days a week and have the others with my little lady – it would be bliss! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays again :-). Emily

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    1. Thank you Emily! I know I am very lucky and it works so well for us. We’d be lost without the in laws though – and even they live an hour away! I could always try and sneak you in with me – just for the lunch hour though, that’s the best bit haha. Thank you for having me at #MarvMondays. Dawn x


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