Your first day at nursery…

This morning I woke feeling anxious inside.
Nervous, excited, and fizzing with pride.

Your “Frozen” bag’s packed and you’re ready to play.
You’re starting your preschool adventure today!

We’ve found the right placeΒ and I know that it’s time.
You’re ready for more so I know you’ll be fine.

You’ll play with the first toys that we haven’t bought.
Learn new information that we haven’t taught.

Make new little friendships and chose your own chums,
No longer the children of friends of your mum’s.

And I know without doubt as we get to the door,
That you’ll gallop inside on a quest to explore.

You won’t turn your head just to check I’m still there.
You’ll happily run off and play without care.

I’m handing the reigns now to somebody new,
And trusting they’ll be there to take care of you.

I know that they’ll tell me how you spend your days.
And I’ll tell them a bit about your little ways:

That lunch shall be given a cursory look,
That you’ll wrinkle your nose and declare that it’s “Yuk!”

That your play time agenda might not meet their own.
So they might see the odd little tantrum get thrown.

And that if you just happen to say “little bugger”
It’s just a mistake and you mean to say “brother”. *Straight face*

But you’ll share and be loving and caring and kind.
You’re eager to learn and you know your own mind.

You’re happy and cute and you’re funny and smart.
With gorgeous brown eyes and a beautiful heart.

It’s true what they say as the time’s simply flown,
From a tiny pink newborn you’ve so quickly grown.

For three years we’ve watched you become who you are,
You’re our little monster and our little star.

No longer my baby you’re now moving on,
For a few hours a week my Miss Tot will be gone.

You’ll learn and you’ll grow, you’ll develop and play.
But you’ll always be ours at the end of the day.

I’ll cherish each time I can say I’m your mum.
I’m so proud of the beautiful girl you’ve become.

And I’ll watch you run in but I won’t shed a tear.
As I know that you know, that I’m always right here.



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72 thoughts on “Your first day at nursery…

  1. Dawn you just made me cry!!!! I’ve been looking at childcare options for Baby Lighty for when I go back to work and am something of an emotional wreck!!! Hope Miss Tot and Mummy both get on ok today xxx

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    1. Aw hunny I’m sorry. You and D will be absolutely fine. I think the first day is just the hardest but I’m so impressed with the staff and the facilities. Just find a day care that you like the feel of and you’ll be fine. Miss Tot ran off (as predicted) this morning with no issue. I on the other hand have been a bit wobbly but I’m sure she’s having a fab time. (Without me. Gulp.) xx

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      1. Still ages away yet then lovely, and you’ll still get nearly half a week of mummy and D days. In my meagre experience the thought of going back is far more scary than the reality. Once you’re back you’ll feel like you never left, and there will probably be coffee? πŸ˜‰ xxx

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    1. Thank you lovely. Erm she actually cried when she had to come home so I definitely think she has settled in rather well. Did nothing for my mum-esteem though hehe. Thank you for popping by x


  2. Beautiful! This really got me! Loved it…It made me think back of my own children when they were still wee wee babies and look how far they have grown, and your words, “But you’ll always be ours at the end of the day.” still hold for me even though they are bigger than me now. Going to give them all a hug now. xx

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  3. It’s just so hard when they leave us, I always think what if they are upset? What if they feel abandoned? I worry way too much, like I could have worry stamped on my forehead. Gorgeous Rhyme. #justanotherlinky

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    1. Thank you hon. I think worrying takes up about 95% of my time! Meanwhile as I stress myself into a little frenzy my little one is happily playing in the sand and totally oblivious as to whether I’m there or not. Pfft. Ah well, it’s a relief that she’s happy… one less thing to worry about eh? πŸ˜‰ xx


    1. It’s amazing how quickly September will creep up though isn’t it. I feel like I blink now and she’s grown up a bit more. It’s heart wrenching but *whispers* for 15 hours a week my days have just got quite a lot easier. I can take my little one to playgroup and actually let him “do” stuff rather than carrying him about whilst trying to keep up with his sister!? For 15 hours a week I have one infant and two actual hands!?? It’s a breeze I tell you. And you know what else…. The little one still naps!! *content sigh* πŸ™‚


  4. Confession: this made me cry. and we are absolutely #twinning as my latest post is about little one starting nursery this week too!! you have to let us know how it goes!! terrifying!! thank you for summing it up in absolutely gorgeous poem. Awesome as always! xxx

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    1. Thank you very much lovely and sorry for making you cry #badrhymingwino! I shall make sure I pop over and have a read. Hope your little one (and you) settle in nicely, which I’m sure you both will xxx


  5. I hope she is having a fantastic time at nursery and settling in with no problems. Its such a long time since my boys were at that stage, but I still remember the pride (and the tears) #Fartglitter

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    1. Thank you Tracy. So far so good. She’s settled in just fine and is already at the “testing the boundaries” stage. I bet it still feels like 10 minutes ago though for you? I can’t believe that we’ve got to the nursery stage already? X

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  6. This is so lovely. I think you have put in to words how lots of mums feel when sending their child off to play school/nursery. I am yet to do this with my little boy but I like to think I would cope with it as you have (although in reality I will probably be crying my eyes out!). Another wonderful little poem πŸ™‚ xx #fartglitter

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    1. Thank you Wendy that’s really kind. I can’t promise that I didn’t have a few wobbly moments as I definitely did, but I’m lucky that Miss Tot has settled so easily. It definitely helps. Not sure my little man will be quite so obliging when the time comes for him so that will be a much harder transition for us all. Good luck when the time comes for you and your little one. I’m sure he’ll be absolutely fine. Thank you again xx


  7. I just shared this with my sister whose daughter started preschool today we were all so anxious on their behalf. I hope all goes well with you and your family. The transition is difficult but one day it becomes the norm #MarvMondays

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    1. Aw I can’t wait for Miss Tot to make some proper little friends there. So far she’s a bit of an independent spirit shall we say and just happily off doing her thing. I keep trying to enquire though in a “mum” kind of way haha. Thank you xx

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    1. Yey! I’m so pleased that she’s settled in for you. I’m half expecting a period of tears when Miss Tot realises that this is now a permanent addition to her agenda and the novelty wares off, but then hopefully she will fully settle in too. Thank you for your comment x


    1. Thank you! *Wobbles a bit*. I think it is a common mistake to make haha. She’s moved on a bit now and has started calling him “Beanhead” instead :-/ Meh!?

      Thank you very much for hosting lovely and welcome back! We’ve missed you! #fartglitter xx


    1. Thank you Sarah. Although I might type a slightly braver story than I actually feel sometimes. I did have a little moment as I drove away, but as predicted she has settled in really nicely which really helps. Thanks for your lovely comment xx


  8. That just about sums it up Dawn! It made me cry too, although I think I’ve already cried enough tears at DT starting nursery last week…! (blog post about it to follow!) He was ok when I left him on the first day, so I was ok walking away, but when we got home, MA spent an hour hammering on the front door asking for him-it was that which tipped me over the edge. He also spent ages searching the house for him when he got up from his nap too-it killed me, I never thought he’d react like that! It was day 2 for DT today, and he cried the whole time… Aaaaah, I’m so in need of a break, but it won’t be a break if I’m overtaken with guilt at him being miserable there! I’m crossing my fingers he settles soon! I hope Miss Tot continues to love it!

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    1. Good to know I’m in good company hon but what a nightmare for you!? So your little one is pining for him? That must be really hard. Mstr Tot kind of half noticed that she was missing but I think to be honest he is revelling in all the attention. He actually gets to paint and play at playgroups now rather than being carried about while I chase after his sister. Miss Tot had done 3 sessions so far and there have been a couple of “stand offs” and tears but generally she’s been fine so I’ve been lucky. It’s just a big period of adjustment for us all – and to be fair they probably adjust much quicker than we do! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a better day 3 for you. Let me know how he gets on. *hugs* x


  9. Ah that’s really lovely, I remember our girls’ first days at nursery so clearly – Ava’s was terrible (first child) but Thea’s was fine as her big sister was there to look after her. They learn such a lot, even though it’s hard to leave them. I hope she settles in quickly and has lots of fun! Becky x #abitofeverything


    1. Thank you Becky. So far so good (Fingers crossed). I think we might end up the opposite way as Miss Tot has always been really confident but Mstr Tot is a real mummy’s boy. I’m not entirely sure that his settling in will be quite as smooth when the time comes. Thanks for your comment lovely x

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  10. *sniff* *sniff* I remember! My youngest is soon to head off to high school and I still can’t fathom – for the life of me – where the time has gone. Letting go is so hard and as they slowly start spreading their wings and needing me less and less I feel a little more of my heart breaking. My consolation is to watch them grow into such amazing, kind, generous beings with whims and ways of their own. Good luck, xx #alittlebitofeverything

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  11. Hope Miss Tot enjoyed the start of preschool – your lovely rhyme brought back a lot of memories of how I felt when my big girl started preschool last year. I had to chuckle over pretending that “little bugger” was really just “brother” – well caught! #coolmumclub

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    1. Haha thank you Louise. We had a bit of a stand off about it in public the other day which was interesting… “you mean Brother sweetheart?” “No, I mean Bugger!” Hmmm. :-/

      She loves it so far thank you. Thanks for reading x

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    1. Thank you Kyles. When does your little Man go? I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you but I’m sure he’ll love it. Miss Tot has settled really quickly and was definitely ready for the extra stimulation. They just grow up so quickly! Xx


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