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Harry Potter Studios – A magical visit.

I’ve always been quite a big fan so to speak
In fact you might say I’m a H. Potter geek.

When I heard of the tour of the film studio,
I instantly knew I was desperate to go.

Then I read Hello Archie’s fantastic review,
And I pleaded with hubby to take me there too.

He didn’t seem overly eager to me.
But guess what was wrapped and placed under our tree??

We booked in a date for “Hogwarts in the Snow”.
And several sleeps later came our turn to go!

The tots stayed at home in their grandparents care.
No way was I taking our little ones there!

For this I would need both my hands to be free.
No eyes up my backside, This day was for me!

We bounced out of bed at the chiming of four,
And with one tiny bag we were out of the door.

We started the car, when no word of a lie,
An owl fluttered past in the dark morning sky.

Hedwig perhaps checking we’re on our way?
A sign of the start of a magical day….

And then with still half of our journey to go,
More magic appeared as the sky filled with snow!

But we made it on time and pulled up at the Lot.
And I can’t quite explain the great feeling I’d got.

Excitement to finally walk through the door,
So giddy and childlike all set to explore…


“That” fabulous music bewitched both my ears,
Entranced as the spectacle brought me to tears.

I gasped as we stood at the doors of “The Hall”
And wandered in awe trying to capture it all.


The costumes, the props, the designs and the sets.
The magical creatures and all Hagrid’s pets.

The Knight bus, the bridge and the Hogwarts Express,
The stunning displays could not fail to impress.

Down Diagon Alley, passed Flourish and Blotts,
With an odd flavoured bean from the great Bertie Botts.


I dodged the huge spider, but bowed to Buckbeak.
And marvelled at Hogwarts too awestruck to speak.

Yet more snowflakes fell as we cherished a “cheers”
With a gingerbread muffin and two Butterbeers.


The tour sadly reached its eventual end,
And leaving felt almost like leaving a friend.

Thank goodness we still had the souvenir store,
To kit myself out as the last Gryffindor.

But wandering out with my shopping complete,
My mind charged with memories, thrilled and replete,

I noticed my hubby glance down at his phone,
And I watched his face sink in a soft silent groan.

We stood in the foyer, we stopped, and I cried.
As I heard that the great Alan Rickman had died.

I’d just seen his costumes, his wand and his cape.
Our beloved hero, our Professor Snape?

Such a magical day came to such a sad end.
As the world grieves the loss of a wonderful friend.

May his memory live on through the films we adore,
As he rests now at Hogwarts in peace ever more.


Alan Rickman

21st February 1946 – 14th January 2016

Rest in peace.


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75 thoughts on “Harry Potter Studios – A magical visit.

  1. It was a hard day for the staff there too. My son may well have been one of your guides. He’s upset of course, like us all. It’ll make him happy to know that, sadness aside, you had such a good time. So far I’m not impressed by 2016. Here’s to brighter days x

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    1. I can only imagine Linda. The whole team there seemed very close and it must have been such sad news for them to receive. We were leaving just as the news broke but I understand that the staff paid a beautiful tribute. My thoughts are with all of the staff and thanks to them all for such an otherwise wonderful day. Dawn x


  2. I’m so happy you had a magical time! I’m a massive Harry Potter fan, and went to the studio tours back in 2013, it was amazing! Although the Butterbeer was a let down in my opinion. Lovely post! RIP Alan Rickman xxx

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    1. Thank you lovely. I hadn’t really looked into it that much before with it being to far away from us, but it was definitely worth the trip. I even liked the Butterbeer! Yes RIP Alan Rickman. Such a loss. xx


  3. Thanks for including my review in your wonderful post lovely! So glad you got to go, it really does keep the magic alive. Must be so sad going since finding out about Alan Rickman. 😭 Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays & popped here from #justanotherlinky too! Kaye xo


    1. It is just such a special place to visit if you’re a fan, which I very much am. It was particularly sad to hear about Alan Rickman passing away while we were there. I understand that they paid a tribute to him later that day with his wand box from the display at the end. Thank you again for your wonderful review. Once I’d read it I knew that I absolutely had to go!

      Thanks for hosting #marvmondays and for popping by through #justanotherlinky xx


    1. I love my tots but no way was I taking them there. I was frustrated at the sheer fact that other humans were there looking at things too as it was all just meant to be for me!! My own tots would probably have been abandoned in the car as I’d have been too excited to remember they were there, let alone remember to feed them and stop them touching stuff!

      Go go go go go if you can. It is utterly wonderful. 🙂 xxx


    1. There’s definitely still time lovely. I was hooked just from watching the first film and immediately had to go and buy each book immediately as it was released (Yes. I queued at Waterstones at midnight. I’m that person). I just can’t wait to be able to start reading them to the tots. Thank you for hosting xx


  4. Oh how nice!! I would love to go there too!! My daughter loves Harry Potter so she would be so very happy to go!! We were invited to do a walking tour which was very interesting but of course it is not the same than going to the proper studios. How exciting for you!!! This poem is beautiful and it is just a shame that Alan R is not with us anymore!! Lovely post, 🙂 xx

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    1. Thank you hon. I’m sure a walking tour would be good too? (But yes… I have to admit the studio tour just blew us away!) I can’t wait to get my tots into H Potter but I think I’ll have to wait a while. My eldest is 3. Meh 😉 Thank you very much for reading and your lovely comment. Dawn xx

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  5. What a fantastic poem & glad you had such an amazing time. I’ve never been a HP fan but my other half loves it & would like to visit the studios. Such an enormous shame Alan Rickman has passed. A truly amazing actor. I want Love Actually every Christmas. #justanotherlinky lifeinthemumslane

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    1. He really was such a fabulous actor and it’s such a shame. I’m also a massive Love Actually fan – amazing film and Christmas is not Christmas without it. Thanks for reading hon. Dawn xx


  6. I had goosebumps reading this post. Amazing poem yet again, but also a great review too. Fantastic photos and such a shame Alan Rickman has passed. Such an amazing actor

    Thanks for linking up with #justanotherlinky

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    1. Thank you lovely. It’s my first attempt at photos and with my IT skills it’s quite an achievement haha. Thank you for your lovely comment and for hosting of course. #justanotherlinky xx


    1. I am with you Carole. I think it just felt even more poignant being there when we heard the sad news. I cannot recommend the Studio tour highly enough. I absolutely loved it and it was worth the 7 hour round trip to get there. Just amazing. Hope you get to go. Dawn x


  7. A perfect tribute to Alan Rickman, a wonderful actor and by all accounts, a true gentleman. Such a shame your day was tainted with this sad news.

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    1. Thank you Debbie. It was a very emotional day, which is bizarre as I’d obviously never even met the man but I think the magic of the tour made it so much more poignant. Thank you for reading. Dawn x


  8. That was a lovely post part review, part tribute and all heart.

    I got to know of Alan Rickman through my sister’s love of Truly Madly Deeply and his movie stealing performance in Prince of Thieves. It’s a shame that he has gone. It’s been good seeing people share their memories of him.


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    1. Thank you. I always intended to write a post based on our day, but as the events of the day transpired I just couldn’t write it without paying tribute to such a fantastic actor. I agree – His Sheriff of Nottingham was legendary. Thank you for reading.

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  9. What a lovely tribute! I am a massive fan of Harry potter studios. Also a massive fan of poems so I think I may be set to become a massive fan of you! What a fab post #justanotherlinky

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  10. As one who doesn’t get Harry Potter I have no desire to go, but I know my kids would enjoy it, I have only ever read good things about the studios, I’m glad it lived up to your expectations. #marvmondays

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    1. Thank you Sarah. We had a brilliant time but it was surprisingly emotional, and especially upsetting to hear such sad news while we were there. The day otherwise was fantastic though. Thanks so much for your lovely comments xx


  11. I so want to go here & I have been thinking that I have to wait until the kids are old enough to appreciate it to make it worth while – didn’t occur to me to not take them! That’s genius! I really want to do the in the snow one now though, so maybe next year! So sad about Alan Rickman. #marvmondays

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely… don’t take the kids ;0) I wanted both hands free to look and touch and drink Butterbeer! I’ll take them when they’re old enough to understand the importance of not breaking stuff, and of leaving Mummy alone when she’s trying to concentrate haha.

      Yes it is such a shame about Alan Rickman. He is a real loss. x


    1. It really was such an exciting but emotional day. I can’t really describe how sad it was to hear the news in that setting. The studios are already an outstanding tribute to the actors of the films, and it was just so poignant to find out that such a talented actor had passed away that same day. Thank you very much for your comment lovely xxx

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  12. The Harry Potter tour is high up on my wish list of things to do this year as a proper Potter geek too. How strange and sad that you should hear the news of Alan Rickman while there. But in a small way because of the love we had for him and the chsracters he played, Snape and all the others, he will never die in our memories. #coolmumclub

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really was even better than I could have imagined. But yes, such sad news about Alan Rickman. He was a fantastic actor and his characters will be loved for many years still to come. Thank you for reading x


  13. Aww such a lovely post. I love reading your poems. It looks like an amazing place. I love Harry Potter and I’d love to go, my brother has been and thought it was brilliant. So sad about Alan Rickman, the end of your poem brought a tear to my eye. He will be missed.


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  14. I’ve just shed a little tear at this. At your words which described such an amazing place, and for the lovely tribute to Alan Rickman. I’m also a huge Harry Potter fan, and have lost count now of how many times I’ve read the books. My husband (it was a lovely present, but I did struggle with his choice of timing,) gave me tickets to the tour for Christmas a couple of years ago, but they were for 10 weeks after my due date for MA who I was pregnant with at the time!! We couldn’t change them, and went along, but I’d been up all night feeding the night before, and walked around the place like a total zombie!! I need to go again and really appreciate it for the amazing place it is!
    Fabulous as always. Xx

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    1. Aw I’m sorry to make you cry lovely. I can imagine it would be so hard to take it all in with a 10 week old baby. I struggled to remember my name during the newborn weeks! Thank you so much for your lovely comment xx


  15. Oh…I would so love to go! Huge HP fan as well! That’s it…I’m moving to the UK. Lovely tribute. Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

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