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And then it started to snow…

Saturday 16th January – A bit after bedtime….

The last time it snowed here was 3 years ago,
But you were so tiny you just didn’t know.

You can’t have been more than a few short months old,
Wrapped up in a snowsuit all safe from the cold.

But we bought you a sledge as you started to grow,
So eager to let you play out in the snow.

The Snowman and Snowdog was watched on repeat,
But all that we had was a shower of sleet.

You’ve patiently waited for snowflakes to fall,
Yet there’s hasn’t been any. Not any at all.

But now, on this night, as we tucked you in bed,
We finished your story and kissed your sweet head.

When through the dark sky rose a soft silent glow,
The world became still, as it started to snow.

We watched as the flakes fluttered down through the air,
While you, sleepy head, remained quite unaware.

The streets snuggled down under blankets of white,
An hour past bed time and deep in the night.

I glanced at your Dad and we knew what to do.
Whatever the time, all this snow was for you.

So we tiptoed upstairs and we crept to your door,
Your sleepy tot brother continued to snore,

But you were awake as we both shuffled in,
You sensed an adventure and gave us a grin.

We both whispered “shhh” as we waved you to come.
So you climbed out of bed to your Dad and your Mum.

We tiptoed downstairs as a giggling three,
And into the hallway, you, Daddy and me.

On went our coats and our boots and a hat,
On top of our PJs, as simple as that.

And holding your breath with excitement and awe
We switched off the lights, and we opened the door…

Your face was a picture of perfect surprise.
As you stared at the snowflakes with sparkling eyes.

We gave you a hug as you took in the sight,
The landscape you knew was now crisp, cold and white.

Your snow, that you’d wished for and wanted so much.
Was yours as you whispered “I just want to touch”.

Shyly at first you stepped onto the street.
Entranced by the crunch of the snow at your feet.

You looked to the sky and you held out your hand,
reaching for snowflakes and watching them land.

Confident now you began to have fun,
Laughing and giggling you started to run.

Stamping out footprints all over the place.
Beaming, but shivering, with snow on your face.

So we headed back in to get cosy and warm,
And you climbed back upstairs as you stifled a yawn.

“Snow is my favourite” you said with a grin.
“Snow is my favouritest favourite thing”.

Your Dad and I smiled as we wished you goodnight.
And dreaming of snowflakes we knew you’d sleep tight.

The chance of a snowman is probably none.
As we know that by morning the snow could be gone.

But despite being short, and although it was late.
Our snowy adventure was so worth the wait.

Those few little moments, outside and together,
Have made us a memory we’ll treasure forever.

Sweet dreams Tinks.

One day we’ll build your snowman.

I promise.


Sunday 17th January – 0826…


Norbert the snowman

Welcome the world Norbert! :0)



This post originally featured on the fabulous Meet Other Mums blog page, for whom I am proud to be a regular blogger.

The lovely Sally from Meet Other Mums says this…

“Aside from being the most spectacular thing many of us will achieve, being a mum at any age and at any stage can also be a confusing, lonely and isolating experience. We are thrown together randomly in groups with women we have little in common with and this can sometimes increase our feelings of isolation. Meet Other Mums has been designed by mums for mums to help you create a social network of like-minded mums who are living the same miracles, milestones and monotony that being a mum entails”.

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Thanks for reading.

Dawn x

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41 thoughts on “And then it started to snow…

  1. This is so gorgeous! We haven’t had a good covering of snow for years now and I spent want to see Archie’s little face. This is the kind of experience that makes wonderful childhood memories. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays lovely. Kaye xo (also found you through #justanotherlinky)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you lovely. I think that evening will go down as one of those magical parenting memories. I hope you get to enjoy some snow with Archie soon. Thank you very much for hosting #marvmondays and popping by through #justanotherlinky xx


  2. Ah this was so fun to read, like a fairytale so full of wonder and charm. So fabulous that the snow fell in the evening and there was the added magic of being out on the street after bedtime. So glad you got to experience it with your little one. I have my fingers crossed for a little bit of snow this year (southern hemisphere) to enjoy with the toddler too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a heartfelt amazing poem. I love your rhymes you are so talented. My 5 yo didn’t remember snow although we had it when he 2 or 3. I’m not a snow fan but seeing their happy faces does make it worth it. #justanotherlinky lifeinthemumslane

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lovely poem! I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to really appreciate snow. I was really excited when we had our first snow this year, but I think she was just confused about why my husband and I made her go outside with all this cold white stuff falling on her! #justanotherlinky

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I wish I could claim credit to that description, but I have shamelessly stolen it from a comment on my I hate snow post. It is the perfect way to describe snow isnt it xx

        Liked by 1 person

    1. We’re quite lucky and live in quite a hilly area. I had the joy of witnessing my hubby attempt sledging down one of said hills a couple of weeks ago. He looked right at home among all the kids haha. Fingers crossed for some snow for you soon x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We’re in Yorkshire so we do get the odd flurry up in’t hills. Mostly just torrential rain though this year. The local rivers are all on near permanent flood warning. Maybe no more sledging this year but perhaps we should invest in a canoe?

        Liked by 1 person

  5. This is an absolutely fantastic poem! I love it! Really great to read, and made me smile all the way through because it was so magical. xx #prose4t

    Liked by 1 person

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