Sharing half a birthday cake! (Yep: Me/Cake/Sharing!)

So Rhyming with Wine is a whole 6 months old!

Which is quite a blog milestone, or so I’ve been told?

It started, back when I was first known as Mum.

Feeling quite dazed, and still mourning my tum!

When feeling “Mumprisoned”, and snooping around,

A number of fabulous bloggers were found…

And so in the dark of each lonely night feed,

I’d search for new posts and devour them with greed,

I’d desperately seek a Hurrah for Gin fix,

And snort with delight at her family of “sticks”!

Brummy Mummy of 2 and her love of “The Bloom…

I could praise all day long if I just had the room!

And after a while I just thought “What the hell?”

I might as well give it a bash then as well!

And now six months on I adore what I do,

So this is a “Thanks!” As it’s all down to you…

To the first “Real life Blogger” that followed my rhymes:

My friend at It’s good to be crazy sometimes.

You welcomed me in with a friendly hello,

Which made me determined to give it a go!

To you, Mrs Lighty who right from the start,

Have had me enthralled as you write from your heart.

To Picking up toys, May I raise you a toast,

For hosting my very first rhyming guest post.

To Gem at A Gem’s life for shouting me out,

And showing me just what “Blog Love’s” all about.

To the Fabulous “Sassypants”:- Thinking out Loud,

Your blog is inspiring. You should be so proud!

And whilst I am a thanking I cannot forget, from 3 Little Buttons the lovely Annette.

Her wonderful posts are incredibly sweet,

And her talented doodles are such a cute treat.

Now, I do love a dragon as much as the rest,

And as blogging pals go, I have two of the best:

To The Anxious Dragon. (She hates the word “Hack!”)

Has a beautiful angel tattoo on her back,

She really does write #abitofeverything

And her brilliant parodies make my brain sing!

And To Agent Spitback, let’s give her a cheer!

Her stories have thrilled me to bits this half year!

This dragon is friendly, but make no mistake…

She will quickly turn “Mulk!”  if you mess with her cake!

To Poop Rainbow Mama (Who’s trying to get fitter).

Her pics make me giggle and often #fartglitter

To Pickles and Pords, and with best bloggy wishes,

To Life as Mum BlogLife, Love & Dirty Dishes,

To Helen who blogs All the Beautiful Things

With the fab Run Jump Scrap, Linking #bestandworst wins

To  My Petit Canard, Hello Archie too!

Their #Marvellous linky makes #Mondays less blue.

To Something Crunchy Mummy I must also post,

She helped me so much with my first #linky post!

To Motherhood: The Real Deal &

Mum Muddling Through,

My Thursdays are so much more #Cool thanks to you!

And to Unhinged Mummy – go read her blog quick,

And Louisa at her fab Little Book of Sick.

To Meet Other Mums – I’m a “Regular Blogger”

(What the fudge!? Does that make me an actual blogger??)

And last but not least to my lovely new friend.

To her: Colley’s Wobbles more wine I must send!

Together we share all our bloggy mistakes.

We’ve had the best play dates!  Sometimes with cakes!!

To my fabulous family and those I hold dear,

To Mum, Jo and Cathy and Rhyming with Beer.

To my Hubby and Tots who put up with my sh*te

Without these three stars, I’d have nothing to write!

And I know that I’ve still had to miss quite a few,

If you’re reading this post… Then it’s also to you!!

Thanks to you all as you’ve taken the time, to read and support me as

“Rhyming with Wine”

For me it has been quite the best of half years,

So I’m raising a glass to you all lovelies…






35 thoughts on “Sharing half a birthday cake! (Yep: Me/Cake/Sharing!)

  1. Awww! Cheers to you too 🙂 and have a bit of cake while you are at it. That brought a tear to my eye. I love your rhymes so much, I don’t think I have ever had more fun than when riffling through your collection. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this so much! You are such a cutie for giving us a shout out! I feel sort of famous haha 🙂 I’m so glad you entered into the blogging world because your posts are brilliantly witty and always make me smile! Although I may not fully interact with every Blogger you’ve mentioned I follow them just the same they all really are fantastic !
    Happy birthday! Thanks for sharing cake! Xxxxxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy 6 months! You have written such an amazing and creative piece of poetry here! Thank you for the inclusion and yes, I am awfully glad you wrote about my NON CAKE sharing ways. Here’s to another incredible 6 months ahead and I am so glad that I met you on my blogging journey.

    Liked by 1 person

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