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To Mum. From a Mum…

For the mountain of crusts that you cut from my bread.

For that treat that YOU wanted, But gave me instead.

For each time I woke you because “It was dark!?”

For endlessly pushing the swings at the park.

For the singular sprout that you put on my plate.

For the tears you held back as you waved at the gate.

For “The wheels on the bus” on repetitive loop.

For the sick, snot and dribble and projectile poop.

For teaching me “Thank you” and nagging for “Please”.

For the fact that you now need to pee when you sneeze.

For the rocking and soothing and hours spent awake.

And the days when the world just had not enough cake.

You did all these things.

Although I never knew.

I couldn’t remember and hadn’t a clue!

But I’m starting to realise it now that I’ve grown,

And now have a family all of my own.

I can finally see what you gave me from birth,

And appreciate you for your actual worth.

So right here and now, on this special Sunday,

May I state for the record and finally say….

I get it now Mum.

Thank you.



With love to all you Mummies, and your Mummies, on Mother’s Day.

With special thoughts also to beloved friends, and readers, who’s Mummies now look down from the stars.


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36 thoughts on “To Mum. From a Mum…

    1. I think I was blissfully ignorant until I took on the role for myself! My mum and dad separated when I was 8 too and I can only imagine how hard it must be trying to raise children on your own. I have a nosebleed if the hubby is an hour late from work!? Hats off to those Mummies (and Daddies! ) Thanks, and I hope you had a lovely mother’s day too hun xx


  1. Awww how lovely! I will have to forward it to my mum to read 😊 – sums up everything beautifully. I didn’t realise how much my mum did until having Little Button – I couldn’t believe it! Hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day yourself X

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    1. Thank you 😊 It really is a bit of an eye opening experience this whole Motherhood thing isn’t it? Cheers to Mummies everywhere! Hope you and your mum had a nice day (aside from the obligatory cooking of dinner and associated grumps of course – Great post!) Xx


  2. Fab post! Quite emotional and so true. I don’t think you really appreciate what your mum did for you until you find yourself running around doing all those things yourself. Hope you had a good Mother’s Day and got to eat lots of cake. xx #CoolMumClub

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  3. I love this Dawn, it’s gorgeous! It’s a shame we only truly appreciate our mothers when we become parents ourselves. We have a long wait ahead! It’s lovely to come and visit your blog, I love your poems, they really are fab. I really enjoy rhyming poetry too, it’s such a fun, creative way to pass your time. See you soon! xx


    1. Thanks so much for popping by! It’s lovely to meet a fellow rhymer. Your Mother’s Day rhyme was brilliant! Yes I do think it will be a while before all of our hard work gets any recognition from our little ones, but at least for now we get to enjoy a card made out of empty toilet roll tubes and stickers πŸ˜‰

      Looking forward to reading more from you!

      Dawn xx


  4. So lovely! Particularly enjoyed the line about peeing when you sneeze, which unfortunately, 6 months into this pregnancy I can relate to! I hope my little ones appreciate it when theyre older too πŸ˜‰ Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily

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