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Dear Mummy To Be…

My wonderful younger cousin came to visit me a couple of weeks ago, and she is happily expecting her first baby in a couple of months.  Just chatting with her I could feel her excitement, nerves and anticipation, and as a mum of two little ones I felt compelled to share a little bit of well-meaning advice and experience from one mum, to a mum to be.

This got me thinking. If I could go back in time and give myself some advice, what would I tell myself?

I think it would go something like this…

Sleep – Like you’ve not seen a duvet before,

Sleep ’til you’re rested, then sleep a bit more.

Nip – To the shops, or the bank, just go, fast.

“Just nipping” will soon be a thing of your past.

Watch – Kids TV.

Then… (Although I’m a fan).

TURN IT STRAIGHT OFF while the fudge you still can!!

Browse – Take your time as you fritter your cash,

The next fair few trips will be more “Grab and Dash”.

Plan – You can have one.  No need to say more.

Just trust that you know what your day has in store.

Eat – without sharing.  Just eat it for you.

(At no point should Kit Kats be scoffed in the loo!) *Innocent face*

Drink – And enjoy every hot cup of tea.

“Hot” will be soon just a vague memory.

Chat – On the phone, face to face, with a friend.

Manage a sentence, beginning to end.

Bathe – With a candle, and no background noise.

Soak in a tub with distinct lack of toys.

Gasp – at the end of your ironing pile.

You may not encounter this sight for a while.

Breathe – Whilst your status is still “Nearly Mum”,

It’s highly unlikely you’ll sniff someone’s bum.

Wear – Make-up, shoes, tiny handbag, the lot!

(Just not stretchy pants with obligatory snot).

Cleanse – May your make-up be soothed from your face,

With soft cotton wool (rather than pillow case).

Swear! – Because one day, if things get quite tough,

“Fudge!” “Poop!” and “Bumfluff!” Might not be enough.

Stop!! – Hitting Google with each little kick.

You’ll KNOW when it’s labour and not Braxton Hick.

Rejoice – That you don’t cross your legs when you sneeze.

Be proud – That your nipples are not by your knees.

Love – All your family and those you hold dear.

You’ll realise their worth as you live this next year.

Be brave –  This adventure was made just for you.

It might be quite tough but you’ll always pull through.

Smile – At the trivial things in this list.

In truth, you will find that they’ll barely be missed.

Glow… As the best of your days are to come.

And nothing compares to just being a Mum.

To Hannah with love.

I’ll always be here for you.

Dawn x



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16 thoughts on “Dear Mummy To Be…

  1. Love this. At 20 weeks I am trying to do every one of those things. I’m excited about what’s to come but trying to make the most of these last few months that me & the hubby can do things as and when we please – and the fact I can indulge in carefree sneezes!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Brilliant
    You did forget: Revel in your ability to go to the bathroom solo.

    Scoffing Kit Kats made me laugh I’m forever shoving food in my mouth on the sly but my children are like sniffer dogs. They sniff and know what I’ve eaten and then they tell me off that I didn’t “share”. Damn that sharing rule.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Amazing poem! All those traits feel like they’ll last a lifetime but it does change…it will?…won’t it? My teenagers are still yelling for me from behind closed bedroom doors when I’m in the downstairs loo! At least they’re are talking to me I suppose!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You have teenagers? Wow what’s that like?? I suppose there is at least a slight improvement if you get to wee with the door shut? (And nobody trying to blow raspberries on your knees while you try to answer Nature’s call – I mean really? Is 30 seconds to have a wee just too much to ask?)

      Well done for having teenagers that talk to you. I understand that this is a massive achievement. High five to you! Sending wine! X

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. To be fair I think if I’d read it while I was expecting my first I’d have been a but “Meh!?” I think we probably only appreciate these things once we’ve actually been there? Thanks so much for your lovely comment x


  4. I always think how are you going to make your next rhyme even better than the last and you always do! A fab one again and I seriously think this needs to be pinned up in midwife clinics everywhere so expectant Mums can follow this. I wish I had seen this before oldest arrived! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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