About Rhyming with Wine…

“Mum rhymes with bum.”

I discovered this, probably after having watched one too many episodes of “In the Night Garden.”

My baby-washed brain reasons that this is no coincidence.  From the day that I conceived my wonderful offspring, the whole “bum” thing took on a whole new relevance in my life.  From my own immediately quadrupling in size, (which was obviously entirely down to hormones and nothing at all to do with cake), to our current critical bum related phase which I like to call the “All naked bums are to be kept away from mummy’s new rug please” phase.

I am the incredibly proud, 37 year old mum of two very busy children.  Miss Tot is 3 and Mstr Tot is just 1.  We live in Yorkshire with their wonderful Dad, my lovely hubby, who is fondly known as “Daddy Pig”, as he is of course “rather an expert at everything”.  The last three years have been mind blowing, if a little bit mental.  I work part time which keeps me sane, along with reading so many amazing parenting blogs by other awesome Mums and Dads out there – thanks you lovely people!

Rhyming with Wine is an ongoing collection of rhymes about the general silliness of our family life.  Most of them are intended to share a giggle, though I can’t promise that the odd one won’t bring about a little tear too, (hopefully in a good way of course).

Rhyming with wine….

Because “whine” rhymes with “wine”, in much the same way as “tantrum” rhymes with “vodka” and generally most things rhyme with “cake!”

Thank you for reading.

Dawn x


17 thoughts on “About Rhyming with Wine…

      1. Ah thank you. They are, in my opinion, totally essential in both parenthood and in the creation of silly rhymes :0) I bet you can’t wait for your new found freedom? I have two years before I get to sample any me time, but I think my first day will be spent entirely in the bath. I shall mostly be shaving my legs whilst reading a book, talking on the phone and sleeping. Ooh and eating cake. Thanks for the inspiration. I can day dream….

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  1. I just feel like I need to share the fact that I just spent a confusing few minutes thinking that your blog was a very modern and progressive combining of you and your children’s father’s new wife. I have now pulled myself out of my sleep deprived haze, had a word with myself, and concluded that YOU might be your husband’s dotty wife! I am apparently just dotty! Love your blog though, polygamous or not!

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    1. Ah this made me chuckle! Definitely just one of us last time I checked, although a bit of polygamy would make for a more interesting blog….?

      You’ve got me thinking. I’ll suggest it to the hubby and see if he fancies getting another wife for the sake of blog. *Must be dotty though obvs.

      Thank you for brightening my morning. You’re not dotty. It was also very early when I put together my strap line! ;0) x

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