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Rhyming with Wine is moving…

  So Rhyming with wine is all packed for a trip But we don’t want to give all our readers the slip! We’ll be just over here *waves* We haven’t just gone!!  We’re moving the giggles across to .com We’d love you to visit if you have the time, You bring the cake please, and… Continue reading Rhyming with Wine is moving…

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The glam slide….

We’re all on our hols! “Let’s all swim!” The kids cheer. I frantically dig out some dusty swim gear… We’re there, a bit flustered, but head for the pool. I suck in my stomach and try to act cool. The kid’s gallop off in an unruly flock, As I pause… And peer down at my… Continue reading The glam slide….

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A Valentine’s rhyme for The Hubby…

Roses are red, violets are blue, Here is a rhyme of the things that you do… You’re called “Daddy Pig” which is quite fair enough, As you really are “rather an expert” at stuff! There’s very few things in the world you can’t do. (Well OK there might be the odd thing or two?) “But… Continue reading A Valentine’s rhyme for The Hubby…

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Things you’ve done at nursery.

I cannot believe that a month has now passed, Those post Christmas weeks seemed to fly by so fast? But with the New Year came a very big day, As I rhymed that “You started your preschool today”. I hope that one day you will read it with pride, And see how you took this… Continue reading Things you’ve done at nursery.

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T’was a morning like no other when at twenty five past six, A little girl peered sheepishly across her Weetabix. She paused for just a moment as she thought of what to say, Then whispered “I don’t want to go to nursery today”. Which came as a surprise as she had so far loved to… Continue reading Hoodwinked!

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Winning at dinner with a picky toddler.

I’m not what you’d class as a talented cook. I’m hardly Nigella, but quite like her book. And most of the time I go out of my way, To put something nice on the table each day. Which my baby boy scoffs like a small dinosaur, Stuffing in fresh fruit and veggies galore. But tea… Continue reading Winning at dinner with a picky toddler.

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My scales are clearly broken.

I waddled to the scales this morning. Eyes half shut I climbed on, yawning. The numbers climbed extremely high. I really can’t imagine why? In fact it gave me quite a scare To see such numbers flashing there. Perhaps, as far as I can tell. A hippo had climbed on as well? It left me… Continue reading My scales are clearly broken.

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Meeting a real life blogger…

I’ve been “Rhyming with Wine” now for just a short while. But the people I’ve met here have all made me smile. I’ve loved all the comments and things you all say, And picked up some fab blogging friends on the way. You all write such interesting brilliant stuff, I could spend all day reading… Continue reading Meeting a real life blogger…

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Merry Christmas x

December! The very best month of the year. A twinkly time filled with love and good cheer. For one single month we can wake up at six, And chomp on a choccy before Weetabix. It’s twenty fifteen, and my tots (one and three), Are making this advent so special for me. We started our month… Continue reading Merry Christmas x

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“It’s OK Santa, we’ve got this!”

We all know that Santa’s a popular man! So our job as a parent’s to help where we can. There’s only so much he can fit in that sack. “But don’t worry Santa, we’ve all got your back!” We know that he’ll manage a present or two, But we’re always quite happy to buy a… Continue reading “It’s OK Santa, we’ve got this!”