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To Mum. From a Mum…

For the mountain of crusts that you cut from my bread. For that treat that YOU wanted, But gave me instead. For each time I woke you because “It was dark!?” For endlessly pushing the swings at the park. For the singular sprout that you put on my plate. For the tears you held back… Continue reading To Mum. From a Mum…

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Things you’ve done at nursery.

I cannot believe that a month has now passed, Those post Christmas weeks seemed to fly by so fast? But with the New Year came a very big day, As I rhymed that “You started your preschool today”. I hope that one day you will read it with pride, And see how you took this… Continue reading Things you’ve done at nursery.

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T’was a morning like no other when at twenty five past six, A little girl peered sheepishly across her Weetabix. She paused for just a moment as she thought of what to say, Then whispered “I don’t want to go to nursery today”. Which came as a surprise as she had so far loved to… Continue reading Hoodwinked!

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And then it started to snow…

Saturday 16th January – A bit after bedtime…. The last time it snowed here was 3 years ago, But you were so tiny you just didn’t know. You can’t have been more than a few short months old, Wrapped up in a snowsuit all safe from the cold. But we bought you a sledge as… Continue reading And then it started to snow…

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The many meanings of “Mmmuuhh!”

Our beautiful boy, you’re now 16 months old. You are smiley and cute and so snuggly to hold. But your tot conversation is somewhat reserved. In fact until now you’ve had only one word… “Mmmuuhh!” With determination, and one outstretched paw. Your insistant “Mmmuuhh!” Means “May I have some MORE?” “Mmmuuhh!” Can mean “MINE!!!” Be… Continue reading The many meanings of “Mmmuuhh!”

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Winning at dinner with a picky toddler.

I’m not what you’d class as a talented cook. I’m hardly Nigella, but quite like her book. And most of the time I go out of my way, To put something nice on the table each day. Which my baby boy scoffs like a small dinosaur, Stuffing in fresh fruit and veggies galore. But tea… Continue reading Winning at dinner with a picky toddler.

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Merry Christmas x

December! The very best month of the year. A twinkly time filled with love and good cheer. For one single month we can wake up at six, And chomp on a choccy before Weetabix. It’s twenty fifteen, and my tots (one and three), Are making this advent so special for me. We started our month… Continue reading Merry Christmas x

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“It’s OK Santa, we’ve got this!”

We all know that Santa’s a popular man! So our job as a parent’s to help where we can. There’s only so much he can fit in that sack. “But don’t worry Santa, we’ve all got your back!” We know that he’ll manage a present or two, But we’re always quite happy to buy a… Continue reading “It’s OK Santa, we’ve got this!”

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A little rhyme for your cards…

As some of you may know from my last post, I’m a sucker for Christmas crafts with the kids, *tries to keep a straight face.*  Each year so far we have done some hand and footprints onto card, which we’ve then made into Christmas cards for the grandparents and family. Inside I’ve written a little rhyme… Continue reading A little rhyme for your cards…


Surviving Christmas crafts…

As Christmas approaches I get on a mission, To fill each new day with a brand new tradition. My newsfeed is scattered with festive ideas, Just perfect to try with my tot of three years. A vision of crafting all calm and serene, Of handmade delights in a wintery scene. And nothing says Christmas like… Continue reading Surviving Christmas crafts…